I have used Craftsman products my whole life and I'm 56. Three years ago I bought a lawn mower ( my 4th )and it crapped out last summer.

broken back wheels, cable and right wheel unable to push mower. Did not help me other than send me a 50 gift certificate. Now my 3 year old 1,200.00 snow blower crapped out for the second time. I have only used it 7 times.

The first time the fuel pump broke. They came out and fixed it. Now the belt or cable is broken. I had a scheduled appt.

for this Friday 1-21-11 and out of the blue they call to tell they need to reschedule for 1-31-11 with no explanation. I purchased the 5 year warrantee, but they could care less your sense of urgency. The lady said they do it all the time. Never will I buy another Craftsman product period.

I hope this helps somebody......This was an American institution..... No longer.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Craftsman Lawn Mower.

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