Paragould, Arkansas
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I took a broken pair of craftsman right angle snips to my local store to have replaced. Craftsman no longer makes this tool so I told them to replace them with a cheaper pair of midwest right angle snips and they won't.

They said they can't replace an expensive craftsman with a cheaper tool. They want to give me a pair of straight cut snips made by craftsman that are a lot cheaper.Evidently corporate sears backs them up because the warranty dept told me the same thing. They told me to go back to the store and get a refund on my tool but no one knows how much it cost new so they want to give what the pair of straight cut snips cost now. Now my problem is that my local store threw my snips in a box and sent it somewhere and no one knows where it went.

I guess the bottom line is more important to sears than the customer.

They would have lost a few dollars by helping me but now they will stop making a lot off of me. I only have to be burned once.

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I don't believe power tools were ever covered by the replacement warantee. If someone gave me a Craftsman power tool new, I'd sell it on eBay, and buy a quality tool instead.

That said, it sounds to me like there might be some user error involved with this dissatisfied buyer. :)

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