Many years ago I was looking for a new craftsman circular saw. I bought one at Sears when they were still in business.

The one I got I knew was a homeowner version, and not a professional industrial version because it had a safety switch on the trigger. That was the first thing within 24 hours of using that went wrong. It would not let the sauce shut off when you let go of the trigger. I took it back and they gave me a new one and it did the same thing in about 2 days.

You need to realize that you can't fix stupid. If someone wants to hurt themselves with your saw they will find a way. The second thought I took back was a two and three quarter horse industrial saw that lasted for years. Now I see like I have off scene so many times before, something that is really good has to be discontinued because it work too good.

On top of this, I like my tools so I want a hard case to put them in when they're not in use.

For these three reasons I will not buy another Craftsman power tool. ..

User's recommendation: If you want professional quality tools that will last don't buy crap power tools.

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