P I am a very unsatisfied customer with your product and with Lowe's as far as replacing your lawn mower that I bought from there it had a oil leak from the beginning I called the store back after I finally took it out of the box a week later and I told him that it had an oil leak one of the employees there told me to have someone check to see if everything was tightened I told him that was not our job on the box it said two years warranty so I figure I had that long to return it I rent a company on my own as well and I'm very busy from August to February I found the time to take it into Lowe's they would not take it back because of the 30-day policy even though the guy that helped me the employee there saw the oil leaking still from the lawn mower I called one of your representatives and they gave me a long list of things to do that took me out of my way and my time because you're manufacturer made an error and sold me a defaulted lawn mower I was not asking for my money back I was asking for a lot more that worked I have a big yard front and back and I do my own lawn I'm very well aware of how to run a lawn mower I don't have time to run here and there I was told that the closest place was 300 mi away and that's a joke so I am out of a lawn mower I will never buy your product again no will I go to Lowe's for them not helping me to replace this lawn mower I will let everyone know the troubles that I went through to try to get my situation fixed and all the work you guys were trying to make me do because you sold me a defaulted lawn mower

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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