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I Want My Money Back! What a LEMON!

First off, I wonder if anybody even reads these, except other customers with problems. I bought this Craftsman Self-propelled Lawnmower model #917.370921 equipped with the (1 pull guarantee) and the plastic speed controls. This Lawnmower must have been sent from *** directly to Sears, who sold it to me. Probably 1 of a million customers who unknowingly became another victim fighting a lost cause.

Trying to get some satisfaction, as if that's ever going to happen. I feel like Mick Jagger! Although the service people at the Sears store where I purchased the Lawnmower have tried to help me get the *** thing to do what Crafteman claims it will do. The plastic levers for speed control aren't worth the powder it would take to blow them back to whince they came.

I say, give me a steel lever bar everytime. At least it was durable. As for starting on the first pull. *** I have been lucky when I can get it to start at all.

Twice I believe the float got stuck or something weird happen to where it drained all the fuel out through the air filter. To get to the point, the mower started on the first pull the day I bought it and has not started except 4 times since I bought it in June of 2013. I got to cut the grass right after I bought it & on the second time I tried to use it the plastic speed lever on one side broke and it had to be pushed with no control at that time. I went back to using my old mower that I replaced to finish cutting the grass.

I didn't even deal with the piece of *** I had just bought until the following April 2014 when I figured I'd see if Sears would still fix it since it was under warranty. I took it back where I bought it. They had it about 10 days and called me to pick it up. I used it to cut the grass and it worked fine until the next time I tried to use it and needless to say it wouldn't start.

I fiddled around with it, but it would not start. I used my old mower again for the next 3 times I had to cut the grass. I tried each time to use the brand new guaranteed to start Craftsman after 1 pull mower. The fourth time I tried to use the Mower it started.

I looked to the sky, said a thank you prayer and began to mow. I mowed about 3/4 of the yard and the self-propelled part of the mower stopped working. This time both levers were locked up and the self-propelled part of the mower was inoperable. I thought this is just great.

Now what? I took it back to Sears. This was August of 2014. 2 months out of warranty.

I figured they would try to make me pay for it, but They shipped it off and after about 10 days called me to pickup the mower. This time they said that the v-belt had come off the drive pulley and they just reset it. I brought the thing home, cut my front yard. I took a break for 15 minutes.

I went back out tried to start the mower to finish the yard and it wouldn't start. What ever happened to the primer button? It worked to well, so lets change it, what a bunch of ***. Well, I went back to using my old mower, again.

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I'd like to have my money back or at least credit toward something different. I Want My Money Back! The Sears service people were very helpful, But I am so frustated with this mower that I don't even want to have to deal with it.

I didn't buy a new mower to have to keep taking it back in for repairs. 1 pull my ***!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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