I bought a 700.00 dollar tool box and it is all rusty. I called the store manager and she said they would pay to paint it.I wanted to get my money back to upgrade to a better box but she said no.What ever happened to the famous Craftsman warranty.She wanted me to clean out my tool box and bring it to her so she could send it out to a body shop and have it painted,I think that is ***.She is so *** she said that maybe an animal peed on it.Dumb *** .it is rusting on the highest box on the side.That is a pretty tall animal since I have to stand tippy-toe to see in the top.I was willing to add another 700.00.to get a better box but she was such a *** i said I would sell the box to a Snap on dealer so they can demonstrate what happens to Sears products.So people do not buy from the Sears in the Crystal Mall in Waterford Ct.

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