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Sears - Plug in your lawn tractor!

Sometime in August, we purchased a kraftsman T1000 series lawn tractor. We are in our 70's. We purchased a 3 year extended warrenty becsuse neither of use are or were every mechanically inclined and currently unable to make mechanical resolutions to a lawn tractor. We were told when we purchased the agreement it would cover all repairs and maintenance. Had a contract before and it was super. This time arround forget it! No one told use the oil in tractor was break in oil and filter both required US to change them at 50 hours use. We aren't educationally, skills or tools able. But for $85 and a 3 week wait for the appointment the tech would come out to the home and do this for us. So, I changed the oil, couldn't get the filter off, nor could I find a replacement one. Today, the tractor won't start. I logically followed the troubleshooting suggestion in the owners manual. Honestly, some whrre over my head. After failing I called the services contact for a repair appt. I was told I was a fault for failing to monitor the battery for it becoming low on charge. Apparently, I was to have been plugging in the lawn tractor the recharge the battery. Everyone knows that. Lawn tractors no longer charge themselves. An appointment was refused. So I called the store. Was tild yes I had to charge the battery. So I asked why was I not informed of such at the time of purchase. Also, asked ehy the tractor didn't come with a plug or charger. Questioned why the owners manual doesn't mention such. So I called another servive number. This lady gave me the same story. She however, stated I was required to perform all troubleshooting procedures first. Then I needed to determine why it wasn't starting. I have no ability to do that either. Suddenly, from deep down inside Mrs. Big B appeared. I stated I purchased a sevices plan and paid for it because I have no technical abilities for a number of reasons. I demanded a technical appt. Stated I purchased service and I darn well expected to get the service I purchased and was promised. No more monkey business. So, tomorrow a tech will appear. But, I was told since I didn't determine the cause of the problem the tech won't have the right parts with him. I curtlysuggested the tech bring a new battery and all battery and electrical parts and star from there. How dumb does Sears think I am. A services contract that I pay alot of money for so I can determine and fix the problem myself. Right, I will buy 2 of those. What a bad buy that repair plan was!
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Craftsman T1000 Lawn Tractor
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