Wow - talk about downhill. Sears can't make a power tool that lasts more than three years - I've been through two lawnmowers, three sanders and 3 power blowers - last about three years, then die.

Service evaluation roughly 30% of purchase price. Repair about 75% of purchase price. These guys must do it by design - they cant possibly be that incompetant. Here was a brand that meant something and is now worthless - shame on you No more craftsman anything - you can't produce anything that works anymore.

It used to be these things woudl last 10+_ yeears at minumum. I have some power tools that have lasted 25 or more years, and now they can't do anything right any more - shame on you

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Craftsman tools had a good name, strong tools, legendary warranty, awesome service. Mechanics and DIYs alike would always reach for them. Now most people are reluctant because the brand has gone down the toilet

i have a sears old chain saw sounds like an old rm suzuki.it works great!! made in usa!!new japan , china *** sucks!! i rather have an old dog then a piece of *** from japan 8)

They dont offer a decent warranty on their items?

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