Ive tried to go into Lowes to exchange defective ratchet handles and because Lowes does not sell the ratchet handle that has the exact same part number as mine even though the ratchet that they have in stock look absolutely physically identical they will not exchange the tool unless the part number stamped into it is the exact same Ive tried calling Sears customer service all I get is the runaround I get sent to sears.com and Shop Your way Im asked for a pin number that nobody provides me and they only want to give me points towards a further purchase instead of replacing the defective items and the only customer service you get is call centers somewhere in in some foreign country theres no customer service and no one will help you replace your defective items they just run you in circles so it makes no sense to buy craftsman products anymore if they will not stand behind them the whole reason youre buying their tools is because they had a lifetime warranty you might as will just buy cheap stuff from Harbor freight buy

User's recommendation: Don’t buy craftsman.

Location: Rocky Mount, Virginia

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